IP Management Software

We are pleased to announce that Holland & Bonzagni, P.C. has implemented the use of the CPi patent and trademark management system.

For two years we diligently entered all of our trademark data into this new management system which greatly streamlines information about our clients' pending and registered trademarks.

We created a record, identified by docket number, for every trademark application and registration currently handled by our firm. Each record provides all relevant information pertaining to the particular application or registration — from the basics like application number and filing date, to more detailed data such as assignment history, prosecution details, and tickler management. With only a few quick clicks of the mouse we can view the status of an entire family of marks, link to the corresponding trademark office record, track upcoming deadlines, and generate form letters, reports and status charts.

In addition, the CPi database provides a single location for our client and foreign associate contact information. This means contact information can be quickly updated for all related dockets with the editing of one single contact record. CPi will add another level of efficiency and organization to how we access, track and manage trademark information, which we hope will be well received by our clients.

Next, Holland & Bonzagni inputted our clients' patent data into the CPI patent management system. Clients can now enjoy the same benefits afforded through CPi's trademark system.

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