Confidentiality and Exclusive-Use Agreements

Whether a company or individual, no one wants confidential business matters, such as manufacturing processes or other trade secrets, leaked into the wrong hands. But how do you maintain confidentiality, especially when the information in question is the subject of prospective or ongoing licensing negotiations? The answer is to use confidentiality (a.k.a. "nondisclosure") agreements!

Besides discouraging wrongful disclosure, properly drafted nondisclosure agreements, like the ones frequently prepared by HOLLAND & BONZAGNI, P.C., spell out the conditions for access to confidential information, as well as what can and cannot be done with it. Moreover, they can significantly help the technology owner in taking action if confidential information is wrongfully disclosed. Accordingly, nondisclosure agreements are perfect for use in numerous situations, including: initial disclosures by inventors to companies; in-house use with independent contractors; and preliminary technology disclosures during licensing or joint venture negotiations. Similarly, confidentiality clauses can appear in permanent joint venture and licensing agreements.

This seminar will address confidentiality and exclusive use agreements, including when and how they can and should be used. It will also include information on the various portions of typical nondisclosure agreements (or clauses), and how they can be tailored for use in different situations. Also, attendees will be provided with sample copies of general-purpose nondisclosure agreements to take with them.

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Executive Officers Vice-Presidents of R&D
  • Vice-Presidents of Marketing
  • In-House Counsel
  • Human Resource Personnel