Your company registered a domain name and set up a web site a long time ago. Then you learn that one of your competitors has registered a bunch of similar, misspelled or altered domain names that redirect Internet users back to its own web site. What do you do? For the answers to these questions, come to HOLLAND & BONZAGNI, P.C.'s Cyberpiracy seminar!

"Cyberpiracy" involves situations, like the examples given above, where a cyberpirate (a company or individual) uses someone else's well-known and distinctive trademark on the Internet, with the bad faith intention of somehow profiting from the trademark. Besides being a general annoyance, this can result in lost business and lost goodwill. Moreover, dealing with cyberpirates can be both tricky and expensive!

At this seminar, you will learn about the different types of cyberpiracy, which include:
  • cybersquatting (holding a domain name for ransom);
  • misdirection (registering variants of already-existing domain names);
  • hyperlinking (unauthorized links from one web site to another web site's homepage);
  • deep linking (unauthorized links from one web site to the "interior" of another); and
  • framing (using another web site's content without permission or giving proper credit).

You will also learn how best to effectively stop cyberpirates in their tracks!

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Executive Officers Vice-Presidents of R&D
  • Vice-Presidents of Marketing
  • In-House Counsel
  • IT Managers
  • Web Site Developers and ISPs