Expand Your Business on Somebody Else's Nickel!

Whether you're the CEO, CFO, Marketing Head or Chief Counsel, you need to know what licensing can do for your organization. Most companies are still unaware of what this powerful tool can do for them. The extraordinary secrecy in the industry is to blame. You'll learn the secrets and how to use them to leverage your current assets into an additional revenue stream that flows mostly to the bottom line.

You'll understand the benefits, pitfalls and core principals of this brand and entrepreneurship tool. You'll gain valuable insights into negotiating agreements that protect and expand your assets.

You'll not only learn how to benefit from licensing your IP, but also how to gain significant market share by acquiring powerful licenses.

You'll learn from practitioners that have each spent nearly 30 years successfully operating in the licensing trenches.

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Presidents
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Counsel