Seizing Counterfeit Goods

Learn How and When To Take Action against Counterfeiters

Whether you run a home business or work for an international corporation, long hours and investment go into getting your products onto the market. Then it happens: counterfeiters hit the market with "knock-off" goods, trading in on your success, siphoning away your profits, and besmirching your good will and reputation. Fortunately, all that is needed to protect your rights by stopping counterfeiters dead in their tracks is a little knowledge, preparation, and team work!

At this seminar you will learn the mechanics involved in swiftly confiscating any unauthorized versions of your product, from going to court to working with the sheriff's office to carry out the seizure itself. In addition, you will learn about the different forms of counterfeiting and how to be ready for counterfeiters - laying the groundwork beforehand through appropriate trademark and copyright registrations; policing the marketplace; creating contingency plans; and coordinating the seizure.

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Executive Officers Vice-Presidents Of R&D
  • Vice-Presidents Of Marketing
  • Directors Of Administration
  • General Managers
  • In-House Counsel