What types of physical security steps can we take within our plant to protect our trade secrets?

Here are some guidelines:
  1. Identify potential trade-secret "leak points." Minimize exposure of trade secrets to them.
  2. Password-protect confidential computer files and establish secure storage files for "hard copies" of confidential documents.
  3. Establish general and restricted zones within the plant. Confine all trade-secrecy development and utilization, where possible, to the restricted zones.
  4. Utilize warning signs on all entrances to the physical plant to advise non-employees to utilize only a secure, monitored "main entrance."
  5. Utilize color-coded identification badges for external use by all employees during work hours. Have specific colors of the badges correlate with permission to be within restricted and general zones of the plant.
  6. Post "Authorized Employees Only" signs at the entry to all restricted zones.
  7. Use locked doors for all restricted zones. Make them openable only by scanning correctly colored ID badges or ID cards. Some companies scan fingerprints or eyeballs.
  8. Utilize painted, directional floor lines for visitors and tours to ensure they do not stray into restricted zones.
  9. Screen all visitors by having them sign a log book. Some companies make visitors produce a passport or a birth certificate.
  10. Prohibit any photograph taking, videotaping or tape recording by visitors.

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